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Uploading a Court Order on This Site

What You Need to Do

A court order must be submitted to and qualified by the TSP Court Order Center to become a qualified Retirement Benefits Court Order (RBCO) or Child Support Court Order (CSCO).

Follow These Steps to Upload Your Order

If you have already drafted a Court Order and would like to upload it online, begin by following the step by step process outlined on this site to upload your order.

Follow These Steps to Create an Order

You should review the TSP Court Order procedures for guidance as you create your order.

  1. Print the order you create. You may want your attorney to review the order.
  2. Get the completed order signed by a judge.
  3. Have the order court-certified by the clerk of the court.
  4. Upload the order according to the instructions above or send via mail to:
    TSP Court Order Center
    C/O Broadridge Processing
    Post Office Box 120
    Newark, NJ 07101-0120

What the TSP Court Order Center Will Do

After the order is received, the TSP Court Order Center will:

Did You Know?

It takes 20 days from the time a court order is received for the TSP Court Order Center to review it.

You'll receive written notification by postal mail after the 20-day review is completed.